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Email recieved 3/9/2006

Excellent job.

I see no need to review the site -- it's pretty swell.
Really like the Bonnie Garelick site design.
Some of the logos are also very nice.

The only thing I would add is your picture to the BIO page.

Anyway, we really enjoyed looking at the site -- one of the better ones to come along in quite a while. Pleasant change.

You'll be the "Site of the Month" for April.

- Fred Showker []

April eZine from

Mailbag: Web Site of the Month
Along with our usual onslaught of email came a personal note asking me to review the designer's web site. I only get several hundred of these a month, but when I got to this one I said "hey, this guy doesn't need a review!" Then we struck up a fun email discussion about our cars. Visit Chris' site, for some superb CSS coding ... he's even got a blog. Excellent work, Chris!


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